Warning Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

There may be no scarier form of cancer for men than prostate cancer. Anything that threatens a man’s capacity “down there” can cause significant alarm and, when coupled with the word “cancer,” there is major concern.

The good news is, for many men, prostate cancer is so slow growing there is often no need for treatment immediately, or ever. However, doctors stress there is need for consultation if certain warning signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are noticed. Men should not assume they have prostate cancer and won’t need treatment. It’s possible the symptoms are due to another medical issue which should be checked out and treated. What are the symptoms?

Urination Problems

Doctors agree that frequent urination, a weak stream, or starting and stopping may be a sign of prostate cancer and should be evaluated. Leakage or blood in the urine may also signal prostate cancer, as well as painful urination.

Sexual Issues

Difficulty gaining an erection or ejaculating may be due to prostate cancer interfering with these functions. Blood in the semen is a symptom that should not be ignored.


Pain is the body’s signal there is something wrong. Prostate cancer can produce pain in the lower back, thigh, pelvis, and genital area. Pain may be due to other physical conditions, but a man should not assume it will go away untreated.

Even though prostate cancer is often slow growing and doesn’t require treatment initially, without consulting a doctor it remains unknown in what stage the cancer might be. Treatment may be called for, including surgery and/or radiation for an advanced stage of the disease. By postponing seeing his physician, a man may be sentencing himself to an early or even unnecessary death from prostate cancer.

The best course of action for men is to see the doctor if any symptoms are a concern. By consulting with a professional, their condition can be evaluated and an appropriate treatment plan developed using all the facts.