Misconceptions about HIFU and Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer among men. While the cure rates are high if treated at the first signs, thousands die of cancer or related complications each year. There are many myths about prostate cancer, particularly the High-Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment. The following will hopefully dispel some of those myths and misconceptions about both and will convince you, should you have or get prostate cancer, to use HIFU treatment.

It’s an Old Man’s Disease

The percentage of men diagnosed with prostate cancer is undeniably higher among older men than the percentage in younger men, though younger men can still get it. The key to contracting prostate cancer are risk factors, which include race, genetics, physical health, and lifestyle. If, for example, a family member had prostate cancer, you are at a higher risk to have it regardless of your age. In addition, African American men are more likely to develop it than their Caucasian counterparts as a percentage of the population.

Neither of those factors has anything to do with age. The key to catching prostate cancer early is regular checkups from a specialist that offers advanced diagnostic tools, which increase the likelihood of an accurate diagnosis and staging. This includes in-house testing as well as expert biopsy and pathology analysis. In addition, being aware of the symptoms of prostate cancer can help in the diagnosis.

HIFU Causes Impotence

The HIFU treatment is minimally invasive, which drastically lowers the propensity of harming other tissue or critical structures like the bladder, rectum, external urinary sphincter, or neurovascular bundles. This reality, when advanced HIFU techniques are used, greatly increases the chances for a man to maintain normal sexual and urinary function.

HIFU is Experimental and Not Fully FDA Approved

HIFU was approved by the FDA in October of 2015, but only for prostate tissue ablation. The treatment went through the normal FDA testing processes, including looking at the results of HIFU treatment worldwide. Coupled with a treatment specialist with decades of experience successfully treating prostate cancer, HIFU is a very effective tool for urologists worldwide.

Prostate cancer is an illness that men of all ages have to be on the lookout for, particularly as they age. Recovery rates are extremely high when signs are diagnosed early enough and procedures like HIFU are used.