How HIFU Is Better Than Other Prostate Cancer Treatments

Depending on the stage it is in, prostate cancer is highly treatable and there are a many different treatment approaches. Every treatment comes with side effects, which vary from treatment to treatment. One treatment that has minimal side effects is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and because of this plus its effectiveness, HIFU treatment for prostate cancer is often considered a better option. Here’s why.

Quicker Recovery

It’s safe to say in most cases, you will recover from HIFU before you recover from the side effects and the side effects of HIFU prostate cancer treatments are relatively mild. Because HIFU is targeted towards the cancerous region of the prostate and does not affect surrounding, otherwise healthy tissue, recovery time is very quick. Also, because the procedure is not surgical, there usually is very little discomfort or pain once the anesthesia has worn off.

Side Effects

As mentioned, not cancer treatment is free of side effects, but HIFU has far less and far less severe side effects than most prostate cancer treatment options. HIFU leaves healthy tissue alone as it destroys cancerous tissue without most of the symptoms associated with chemotherapy or radiation. Most of the side effects of HIFU are temporary as well.

HIFU Is Targeted and Non-Invasive

HIFU targets the cancerous cells and leaves healthy tissue alone. This means the prostate is rid of cancer without being destroyed or removed. There are no incisions or foreign elements used in the treatment. Additionally, the drugs used are minimal and usually relegated to general anesthesia. The most invasive part of the entire procedures is the insertion of the endorectal probe, which helps guide and target the ultrasound waves.

HIFU Is Quick

The full treatment usually takes a few hours from intake to discharge. Very few patients have to remain in the surgical center for more than an hour and a half. Most are out as soon as the anesthesia wears off. Because recovery time is so quick, the overall procedure is usually done in less than half a day and it’s outpatient in the vast majority of cases.

The HIFU treatment for prostate cancer is effective, non-invasive, quick and has few side effects. If you have prostate cancer, you should seriously consider HIFU as your treatment choice.