High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound: A Close View

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, then you have a lot on your plate in terms of healthcare and treatment decisions. This time is overwhelming enough as is, without the added pressure of finding a treatment that works for you before it’s too late. That’s why many patients are turning to High-intensity focused ultrasounds (HIFU) with Dr. Suarez. Let’s take a closer look at this non-invasive option that has cured many patients of cancer and other health issues.


After your diagnosis, you and your family may be wondering what prostate cancer is exactly and how can it be treated and hopefully cured. When prostate cancer signs pop up, such as difficulty urinating or pain in the pelvis and hips, you should see a trusted doctor right away to discuss possible diagnosis and treatment plans. One of the benefits of visiting Dr. Suarez is that you will have access to state-of-the-art HIFU treatment that could make a big difference for you. This technology is a non-invasive therapeutic treatment, similar to ultrasonic imaging, that uses continuous ultrasonic waves to heat and ultimately destroy tumor tissue. This cutting-edge treatment is used by the dedicated team at the Prostate Cancer Institute to give patients a new outlook on cancer care and life itself.


There are different prostate cancer stages, and your treatment options may depend on how advanced your cancer is. Dr. Suarez and his team will walk you through the different steps of your cancer journey, from unique advanced diagnosis using MRIs to in-house pathology and biopsy, genetic evaluations and of course, advanced HIFU therapy. The Sonablate HIFU technology gives doctors real-time images of the prostate as they target the affected areas only. Due to the non-invasive and non-ionizing nature of this treatment, there are fewer post-surgery complications and the healthy skin and prostate tissue around the area is not damaged. This makes it possible to have more HIFU treatments and better battle the cancer. HIFU is one of the most effective and innovative methods in cancer care today, as a small, highly-concentrated beam of heat can destroy the infected area and put patients like yourself on the path to recovery.