The Science and Technology of how HIFU works

The Principals of Science and Physics Behind HIFU

The state-of-the-art Sonablate-500 HIFU device has three critical components:

  1. THE CONSOLE – The Sonablate console is the principal component that is the threshold of the intelligence of the most advanced computer-directed energy in ablative therapy for prostate cancer. It encompasses the software and hardware of the technology within a defined housing. It is the brains, heart, and power behind the technology.
  2. THE TRANSDUCER – Housed within the probe, is another essential element to the multi-components of the Sonablate. It handles the imaging and the precise delivery of HIFU energy to the prostate, detection of the neurovascular bundle via an embedded Doppler to facilitate performing a potency sparing HIFU treatment. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in the software for Tissue Change Monitoring (TCM) and for Stacking (the editing component that allows the operator to re-image and re-treat). These tools assure real-time ability that determines the tissue response to the treatment, as well as to edit the treatment and (Refer to TCM and Stacking software)
  3. THE SONACHILL –  Another critical component that maintains and monitors the temperature of the transrectal probe during treatment in order to prevent rectal injury.

The figures below illustrate the Sonablate exclusive real-time 3-dimensional image and treatment capabilities during treatment. To the right of the images is the HIFU checklist originally developed by Dr. Suarez. It was designed to interface, correlate, and draw a parallel with the actual treatment originally develop a “HIFU procedure checklist”. It is meant to assure the best possible clinical outcomes.

The illustrations below show how the transducer aims and focuses sound waves, and the effect in the body.

As an ablative therapy this is the most precise and accurate pinpoint placement of the focused beam to eliminate the cancer cells.

The diameter of the Transducer (D) will result in the size of the HIFU lesion (treatment zone). A lesion at the focal point (targeted site) will be precise, symmetrical, and identical to every other lesion. This creates a matrix of lesions, and successive lesions accumulate to treat the desired area, be it the entire prostate or a focal treatment.

Thereby there is less risk of injury to surrounding healthy tissue.

The emitted energy of HIFU precisely transfers the energy from 1 watt per cubic cm to 2000 watts per cubic cm. Note that there is no scatter of energy outside the targeted point.

Lethally high temperatures occur at the focal point, which is what destroys cancer. Note that in the surrounding tissue, no significant temperature changes occur and do no permanent damage.

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