The History of HIFU

“The trend in all surgical disciplines is toward an effective, less invasive treatment with preservation of healthy tissue…HIFU for the treatment of prostate cancer provides such an effective image guided therapy with fewer risks of side effects and potential complications.” ~ George M. Suarez, MD, FACS.

The concept of replacing a surgeon’s scalpel with a noninvasive procedure has attracted attention for over a half a century. Since the early 1940’s HIFU has been envisioned as a potential energy modality for noninvasive treatment of diseased tissue located deep in the body. The discovery by Frank and William Fry in the early 1950’s that high-frequency sound waves could be used to generate ‘trackless’, localized tissue damage predated even the use of ultrasound as a diagnostic modality. However, HIFU could not be applied clinically in its early days due to lack of required computer technology, imaging and monitoring capabilities. This has changed with the advent of improved transrectal ultrasound imaging and computer processing power.

Figure 1. First hifu device dating back to early 1950’s.

Figure 2. First illustration of early modernization of the sonablate device; note the monitor screen and keyboard.

More recently, rapid advances in ultrasound, magnetic-resonance and computer tomography imaging over the last three decades have now provided the tools to make truly non-invasive, image-guided ultrasound therapy a clinical reality.

Figure 3. The modern day Sonablate 500 with the multi-integrated transducer with simultaneous real time ability to image including color Doppler, treat, and Tissue Change Monitor (TCM).

Why Choose Hifu Prostate Cancer Institute Miami?

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