The Advantages of HIFU For Prostate Cancer Treatment

HIFU offers certain advantages over treatment by surgical gland removal or radiation:

  • Minimally invasive, outpatient treatment
  • No cutting, no bleeding, no “scatter effect” into healthy tissue
  • Very rapid recovery and return to normal activity
  • Minimal risk of urinary or sexual side effects, especially when done as a focal treatment
  • Therapeutic ultrasound waves pass harmlessly through intervening tissue and destroy only the targeted tissue
  • Minimal catheter time following treatment
  • Able to be done as a partial or focal treatment
  • Repeatable if necessary

Why Choose Hifu Prostate Cancer Institute Miami?

PERSONALIZED CONCIERGE Medical Care, 24 Hours / 7 Days Per Week:

Most medical treatments, including HIFU, are performed in brief time frame. In fact, diagnosis, arriving at a treatment decision and post-treatment care consumes the majority of patient-doctor time and care. By offering PERSONALIZED- CONCIERGE medical care, our patients have 24/7 access to Dr. Suarez.