Revolutionary 5 Step Platform For The Successful Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Step 1. Unique Advanced Diagnosis: We are committed to utilizing the most sophisticated diagnostic tools for accuracy in diagnosing, mapping, and staging prostate cancer as well as other prostate conditions. Read More »

Step 2. In House Biopsy and Pathology Results within 24-48 Hours: The most dreaded time in a patient’s life is the time from biopsy to the results of the biopsy.

We provide two full-time pathologist specialty trained in prostate neoplasm that in most cases can provide a 24-hour interpretation of the biopsy. Read More »

Step 3. Genetic Testing Evaluation of Your Prostate Cancer: It is not unusual that patients pursue continued research into their medical conditions well after treatment. Genomics testing of your prostate can be performed on biopsy samples or removed surgical prostate tissue that is less the 6 months old. Read More »

Step 4. Advanced HIFU Techniques: We recognize that just as every prostate cancer is different in every man who is diagnosed, likewise, each man has very different concerns, needs and expectations. Read More »

Step 5. Our Unique 15 Point Approach to Personalized Care: We want to make every effort to have a doctor-patient relationship that continues long after you leave our facility and the energy from the HIFU machine has been turned off. Read More »

HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment & Care Institute

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men, after skin cancer. It is estimated that one in seven men will develop prostate cancer as some point in life. However, it is usually treated successfully when proper measures are taken. Approximately 2 million men have survived prostate cancer. It is most common in men over the age of 50, with the average age being 66. It is extremely rare for a man under the age of 40 to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. While it is treatable, it is also the second leading cause of a cancer-related death in men, after lung cancer. As with all forms of cancer, detection and treatment are critical.

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Institute is a premier practice with extensive expertise and knowledge of the most recent and innovative technologies. With these tools, they provide the most effective prostate cancer diagnostics and treatments. The office’s particular specialty is High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment. This technique is one of the most innovative and effective methods of cancer treatment, utilizing a small concentration of heat, in the form of a beam, to destroy the infected area of the prostate.

One of the benefits of HIFU treatment for prostate cancer is its non-evasive nature, as well as non-ionization, and fewer complications in post-surgery. Some of the most recent technological breakthroughs have broadened the use of HIFU in prostate cancer treatment, as well as expanded its capabilities.

The Prostate Cancer Institute holds the health and prosperity of its patients as a core value, along with medical excellence, and personalized attention and care.

The Sonablate®, our choice of HIFU prostate cancer treatment, provides real-time images of the prostate as we target and eliminate the affected areas. Because of its non-ionizing technology, it does not damage the healthy tissue of the skin and prostate, which allows for more HIFU prostate treatments in the same or different areas if necessary. Read more about our methods of treatment, mission statement, and testimonials. Contact us today to see if you qualify for HIFU prostate cancer treatment from the Prostate Cancer Institute!

HIFU Medical Expert Mission Statement:

  • Advanced Diagnosis and Prostate Care is committed to utilizing the most sophisticated diagnostic tools in the accuracy in diagnosing, mapping, and staging prostate cancer as well other prostate conditions.
  • A uniquely patented multi-parametric perfusion MRI (MPP-MRI ®) technology is utilized to diagnose early stage microscopic prostate cancer, precisely target the biopsy sites, and spare sites that do not require sampling. Thereby, improving accuracy as well preventing unnecessary number of biopsies.
  • In addition, a sophisticated multi-dimensional high power Doppler ultrasound technology is used to image the prostate the. Additionally, it will assist in determining the location of the neurovascular-bundle for planning a potency sparring HIFU treatment.
  • The fusion of the MRI and the ultrasound are over-imposed to plan the sites that need to be biopsied. The biopsies are then taken, utilizing a technology known as “target scanning.”
  • The combination of the technology is the most accurate approach for planning targeted focal HIFU treatment, partial HIFU, or hemi-ablation HIFU. The advantages of the type are that f treatment is tissue-sparring.
  • The synergy of superior imaging combination of MPP-MRI determines the sites that require biopsy, the targeting scanning provides “GPS guided” capabilities to identify the region of interest where the cancer is and where it is not. Focal HIFU allows for tissue preservation of non-cancerous tissue. In essence, the treatment of the prostate cancer now “a male lumpectomy™” (visit, and no longer a radical treatment and extensive rehabilitation. As HIFU is an outpatient procedure with immediate same day recovery and less risk of potential quality of life complications such as impotence and/or erectile dysfunction.

Dr. George Suarez comments: A critical feature of image-guided surgery (HIFU) is the ability to localize and verify ablation of the therapeutic target in real-time. The HIFU systems from SonaCare Medical (formerly USHIFU) combine three capabilities into one single operating platform; integrated imaging, precision ablation and real-time tissue change validation. In other words, the capability to target, treat and track the tissue of interest while sparing healthy surrounding tissue: “It is as simple as Image, Click and Treat.”