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Cryotherapy To Treat Prostate Cancer

Minimally invasive procedure that freezes the cells in the prostate to destroy the entire prostate gland and possibly surrounding tissue.
May also be done as a partial gland or focal treatment, with reduced side effect risks, for qualified patients who wish to preserve potency.

Ideal Candidate

  • Prostate volume less than 60 grams
  • Patients wishing to avoid surgery or radiation
  • Patients interested in focal treatment

Treatment time
Outpatient procedure; catheter use for 1-2 weeks

Risks and Side Effects of Cryotherapy

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Penile or scrotal swelling
  • Narrowing of urethra – urinary frequency
  • Soreness
  • Pelvic pain – dysuria
  • Bladder outlet obstruction -chronic urgency

Why Choose Hifu Prostate Cancer Institute Miami?

PERSONALIZED CONCIERGE Medical Care, 24 Hours / 7 Days Per Week:

Most medical treatments, including HIFU and cryotherapy for prostate cancer, are performed in brief time frame. In fact, diagnosis, arriving at a treatment decision and post-treatment care consumes the majority of patient-doctor time and care. By offering PERSONALIZED- CONCIERGE medical care, our patients have 24/7 access to Dr. Suarez.

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