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Prostate Cancer Survivor Testimonials

“Of course I had concerns and some fears…”

“Like most people when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer it affected me on a physical and emotional level. Obviously I was very concerned and emotionally depressed since I was only 58 years old. I am a medical doctor, so as you can imagine, there were several concerns about the different treatment options available; the 2 biggest ones being: first and foremost the eradication of the cancer and the second was erectile dysfunction. So I thoroughly researched all of my options.

Of course I had concerns and some fears. There are a lot of options, I wanted to select the treatment that would cure my cancer. There was also a fear of under-going radical invasive surgery and the potential secondary side effects commonly associate with radiation, such as radiation cystitis, radiation proctitis or developing secondary cancers in another part of my body. With HIFU there is no radiation involved. Other concerns included impotence, erectile dysfunction and being rendered incontinent.

There are a number of reasons why I selected HIFU over all the other options: the success rate and the data on the clinical outcome of HIFU; HIFU is a non-invasive tissue preserving procedure; there is less risk of erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence; and it is an out-patient procedure.

So not only did I research the HIFU as the right treatment for my condition but also I was very selective as to who would be performing this procedure. The next step was choosing the right Doctor. I saw Dr. Suarez’s profile on-line and my wife and I were very re-assured after meeting with him. His experience and quantity of HIFU procedures performed were also key factors in my decision making process.

My HIFU procedure was simple, quick and I am very, very happy with the results. There was absolutely no pain, plus I was able to ambulate well immediately after the procedure! It has been 3 years since my HIFU treatment and this is the best feeling in the world to see my PSA drop and remain that way for the entire 3 years.

Dr. Suarez was and is readily available for any questions or concerns I might have. I would definitely recommend Dr. Suarez and the HIFU Treatment to any family member, friend or colleague diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.”

~ Dr. Jay Newman

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