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Side Effects of Hormone Therapy

Most men that have failed radiation therapy are almost indistinctly and immediately placed on hormone therapy. However, very few men are even remotely aware of the many side-effects of hormone therapy. Nor do their doctors tell them about this. Which is one on the recommendations by the FDA: “All patients placed on hormone therapy for prostate cancer should be warned of the potential side-effects. Likewise, the doctors also fail to tell their patients that hormone therapy is not a cure, but simply a palliative temporary measure to slow down the progression of prostate cancer by bringing the patients testosterone level down to castrated values. In essence, it is a form of a chemical castration.

If you received radiation therapy and have a recurrence, learn about a new non-invasive treatment option that is intended to cure, and not palliative. Visit: wwwhifumedicalexpart.com to empower yourself with knowledge and learn about all your options before submitting yourself to hormone therapy.