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Miami Urologist Explains Use of MRI for Detection of Prostate Cancer

According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, clinical trials have shown that biopsy guided by MRI can significantly improve the diagnosis of life-threatening prostate cancer and reduce the over-diagnosis of non-life-threatening cases, thereby avoiding the side effects of unnecessary treatment. Prior to this finding, men have been subjected to a painful procedure called trans-rectal ultrasound… read more »

Miami Urologist Urges Men to be More Proactive About Their Prostate This Month

Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez is encouraging men to be more proactive about their prostates during September, which is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. He urges everyone to encourage their father or brother to get screened by their primary care physician or urologist. It is essential for men to be proactive, because the cancer is very… read more »

Miami Urologist: A Connection Between Baldness and Prostate Cancer?

According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, a report recently published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests a link between a specific type of baldness and aggressive forms of prostate cancer. According to the report men who are in their 40s and who are going bald at the front and crown of their head… read more »

Miami Urologist: Prostate Cancer Screening Vital For Boomers

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin type of cancer in the country. According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, one in six men in our country will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and a nonsmoking male is more likely to get prostate cancer than the next seven common cancers combined. And baby boomer men… read more »

Miami Urologist: September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second-leading cause of cancer deaths for men in America. The American Cancer Society estimates that over 230,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed this year, and approximately 30,000 American men will die from the disease. According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez,… read more »

Best Miami Urologist: What You Need to Know About Prostate Enlargement

According to best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, prostate enlargement, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), is the most common prostate problem in men aged 50 or above. Prostate enlargement is typically caused by aging and should therefore be monitored on an annual basis. Although not life threatening, BPH causes discomfort and could lead… read more »

Miami Urologist Reports Improved Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Using MRI Technology ‬

Best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez is one of the first to combine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology with a traditional ultrasound prostate exam to create a three-dimensional map of the prostate that allows urologists to view growths that were previously undetectable. An ultrasound machine provides a flawed view of the prostate, resulting in an… read more »

Miami Urologist: Surgery Not the Only Option for Enlarged Prostate

Almost half of the men over the age of 60 suffer from an enlarged prostate. According to best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, some of the men who suffer from an enlarged prostrate also often experience sexual dysfunctions such as ejaculation disorders and impotence. Most men who have this condition opt for surgery. If the… read more »

Best Miami Urologist Discusses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a new type of non-invasive prostate cancer treatment that offers a targeted approach to dealing with cancerous cells through the use of ultrasound energy, or sound waves. When precisely performed by your Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, HIFU has the ability to heat up and destroy cancerous tissues within the… read more »

Best Miami Urologist Explains Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

BPH (also referred to as benign prostatic hypertrophy) is a condition in which the prostate gland becomes enlarged, causing urination problems. According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, BPH can raise prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels two to three times higher than normal. An increased PSA level does not signify cancer, but the higher the PSA… read more »