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MR Imaging – Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

We’ve been performing MRI-guided biopsy for several years, way before it became popular. It should be the gold standard of all urologists treating prostate cancer. If your urologist is not familiar with it or does not have the equipment to perform it, you may want to seek out one that does. ​HIFU clinical trials have confirmed the safety of the method, in bone metastases, and that it’s sufficient in aiding in a measurable decrease in patient pain and discomfort, which is among the top priorities for patients.

High Intensity Ultrasound Machine

Not only should MR Imaging set the bar for prostate cancer treatment, but also lung and breast cancer. Together these three have the highest number of new cases of cancer (cancer incidence). Bone metastasis happens when cancer cells have spread from the original cancer site or starting point in the body, to the bone. Almost any form of cancer can metastasize or spread to the bone. When this occurs, things become even more urgent as major complications and impairments to the patient’s day-to-day life occurs, significantly lowering their quality of life, comfort, and enjoyment. Pain is a main factor here. As the periosteum, or tissue filled with nerves and blood vessels covering and nourishing the bone is affected, this causes a pulsating, engulfing pain to those direct areas, but it can also be more outreaching. The nerves are irritated, to put it mildly.

The life expectancy for patients with cancer that’s spread to the bone can vary widely, but those with prostate cancer and breast cancer can tend to have a longer life expectancy and may well live with the condition. This is why it’s of supreme importance that they find an effective treatment process that will make the life they live a little less painful and easier to bear. Preferably, a procedure that can be done in a single outpatient visit. MR Imaging HIFU treatments are successfully done in an outpatient setting.

The procedure uses absolutely non-invasive technology, where there’s no need to enter the body, for the application of heat (thermal ablation) to a specific area through ultrasonic waves. MRI-guided high intensity focused ultrasound is a win-win process for those dealing with prostate and breast cancer, allowing the patient to undergo a noninvasive procedure that’s effective in lessening the pain and improves the day-to-day well-being and comfort of patients.