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Miami Urologist Shares New Trends In The Care of Prostate Cancer

Miami urologist

When Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez began working as a urologic cancer surgeon many years ago, there were very limited options available for the treatment of men diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Through PSA testing, the disease became more recognized and additional cancers were detected through the use of more testing. But some men don’t need the aggressive therapies that can greatly impact their quality of life.

In particular, men diagnosed with low-risk, confined prostate cancer can now choose minimally invasive surgical techniques such as a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy.

Other emerging approaches are cryosurgery, in which the prostate gland is destroyed via freezing, and high-intensity focused ultrasound, which heats the prostate gland to a highly elevated temperature.

According to your Miami urologist, MRI of prostate is a significant advance in the management of prostate cancer, because it enables us to target prostate tissue using ultrasound energy without harming the healthy tissue that surrounds it. The integration of various types of imaging in guidance is a huge step forward in the treatment of prostate cancer.

CT scans are also being used to improve the targeting of prostate cancer tumors during radiation therapy. This provides very precise information regarding the size, shape and location of the gland for both the planning and delivery of treatment.

Ultrasound and MRI prostate scans are also high-precision tools used for the insertion of radioactive seeds in prostate cancer tumors during radiation treatment. All of these imaging innovations help your Miami urologist target and discharge the prostate more precisely while saving healthy tissue.

With a clearer view, best Miami urologists are also detecting tumors that were missed using the standard approach.  MRI substantially improves the ability to identify and characterize biopsies and to treat tumors.

If you or someone you know is concerned about prostate cancer, call best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez today to schedule a consultation.