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Miami Urologist: Prostate Cancer Screening Vital For Boomers

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Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin type of cancer in the country. According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, one in six men in our country will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and a nonsmoking male is more likely to get prostate cancer than the next seven common cancers combined. And baby boomer men are reaching the age where prostate cancer is more widespread.

Your Miami urologist combats these dismal statistics through better screening, early detection, patient education and public awareness.

Prostate cancer screening is controversial and there are no set guidelines as to timing and frequency; however, it typically includes a digital rectal exam and a Prostate Specific Antigen blood test (PSA). Combining both of these tests improves the overall rate of prostate cancer detection.

The purpose of the digital rectal exam is to locate any nodules and abnormalities in the prostate. PSA is a measurable substance produced by the prostate gland that dissolves semen, and a variety of factors can affect PSA levels, which should be considered in the understanding of results.

The three most common prostate diseases — prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer — have been known to cause elevated PSA levels in the blood. Medication, sexual activity, bicycle riding, a rectal exam and trauma to the prostate can also affect PSA test results, so your Miami urologist recommends that you avoid these activities for a few days prior to your blood test to prevent a false positive result.

The greatest benefit to screening is early detection, which provides patients with the best possible prognosis and the most treatment options.

Prostate cancer is not always life-threatening. The decision to proceed with active treatment — or use surveillance for a patient’s prostate cancer — is one that men should discuss in detail with their Miami urologist. However, without screening, the patient does not have a choice and will only get diagnosed when they are symptomatic and it’s too late for successful treatment.

It is essential to ensure the continued benefits of prostate cancer screening are available to men who will benefit from it. If you haven’t had cancer screening recently – don’t wait – contact the office of best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez today to schedule a consultation!