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Miami Urologist: Facts About Robotic Surgery That Might Surprise You

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Surgery is one of the most effective treatments for prostate cancer, but it is also a decision that should not be made lightly. Have you talked with your Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez about his plan of attack? If you haven’t discussed the possibility of a minimally invasive surgery, ask your urologist about it today. For qualified patients, it has many benefits over traditional procedures. Here are some facts that may interest you.

Robotic surgeries use smaller incisions.

Not only does this mean you won’t have large scars, but smaller incisions are the key to a safer surgery. You’ll lose less blood during the operation and your recovery time will be shorter, allowing you to get back home and return to the activities you enjoy. And your post-op care will be simpler, with less risk for infection or other complications.

Miami urologistThe da Vinci® robotic arm is actually more accurate than the human hand.

The robotic arm can bend in ways the wrist cannot, and it’s not susceptible to human errors, such as trembles, shakes, or slips. But your Miami urologist will be guiding the arm where it needs to go, every step of the way. You’re getting the best of both worlds – robotic precision and inimitable human instincts.

Urologists have a better view during robotic surgeries.

The da Vinci® surgical system has the latest in imaging technology, which provides your urologist with a full 3D and 360 degree view as he works.

Robotic surgery is always performed by an experienced urologist.
The da Vinci Si is a surgical platform that uses small, precise, minimally invasive tools entirely controlled by specially trained surgeons.

Robotic surgery results in a much faster recovery period. Post-operative hospital stays typically last no longer than 24 hours, and patients return to normal activities within days of the procedure.

The term “robotic surgery” might seem slightly frightening to some patients. Surgery is not something many people look forward to anyway, but considering surgery with a “robotic” element may leave many feeling even more uneasy about the procedure than they did before.

Are you looking for low-risk procedures for treating prostate cancer? Call the office of best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez today to schedule a consultation and put your mind at ease.