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Are you taking the right supplements for prostate health?

Supplements for Prostate Health

According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, natural supplements are vital to men’s health for a number of reasons. No matter how hard you try to follow a healthy diet, you simply can’t get all the nutrients your body needs. This is particularly true if you are fighting disease, recovering from treatment or just want to maintain the utmost immunity as part of a healthier lifestyle.

Many men offer a number of excuses for not getting the ideal nutrition their body needs to stay in great health: they work long hours; travel a lot; don’t have time to cook healthy meals; eat on the run, etc. And there are the everyday stress factors that take a toll on everyone’s health and wear down the immune system. Add this to the stress of suffering from a disease, and you have the recipe for a weakened immune system that requires support.

According to your Miami urologist, the right supplements can:

  • Reinforce your immune system;
  • Boost your diet;
  • Increase your energy and improve your sense of well-being;
  • Assist with your sexual performance;
  • Guard against cardiovascular disease and stroke;
  • And aid in protecting you against chronic disease.

There are many supplements available, but if you had to narrow it down to the best supplements for your needs, these five natural supplements have proven to be quite effective for promoting your heart health, prostate health, hormonal balance and sexual health.

  1. Right Diet for Prostate HealthOmega-3 fatty acids need to be acquired from supplements because your body does not produce them naturally. There are many health benefits of omega-3, including lowered cholesterol, better overall cardiovascular health and prevention of cancer cell growth. According to your Miami urologist, they are known for aiding the prevention of prostate cancer and may also help men prevent other prostate conditions such as enlarged prostate resulting from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis.
  1. Miami urologistTurmeric is a member of the ginger family, and one of its active components is curcumin, which contains numerous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Studies conducted around the world have uncovered the numerous health benefits of these natural ingredients.
  1. Prostate supplements help boost both prostate and urinary health. Some natural ingredients can help support an aging prostate. There are also supplements for prostatitis that can be part of a holistic approach to pelvic pain and improved male urinary health.
  1. Miami urologistNatural testosterone support supplements can help you fortify your metabolism, libido, erectile function, energy and mood. The difference between natural supplements and testosterone treatment is that supplements help augment your body’s natural production of testosterone, whereas testosterone therapy stops your body’s own production of this important hormone.
  1. MagnesiumMagnesium is an important mineral. In fact, according to your Miami urologist, having insufficient amounts of magnesium is detrimental to your health and is also linked to some cancers. Researchers have revealed that diets high in magnesium reduce one’s risk for colon cancer and diabetes and possibly play a role in fighting chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

If you are interested in more tips for improving your prostate health, contact the office of best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez today to schedule a confidential consultation.