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Miami Urologist: A Connection Between Baldness and Prostate Cancer?

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According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, a report recently published by the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests a link between a specific type of baldness and aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

According to the report men who are in their 40s and who are going bald at the front and crown of their head have a 40% increased risk of acquiring a faster-growing, aggressive form of prostate cancer later in life than men with no baldness at that age. Conversely, baldness was not linked to an increased risk of non-aggressive forms of prostate cancer in this study.

What do the findings Suggest?

These findings do support earlier research that indicated that male pattern baldness and prostate cancer may share some of the same fundamental risk factors. Your Miami urologist explains that one of these risk factors may be high levels of male sex hormones called androgens. Elevated levels of this hormone play an important role in the development and spread of prostate cancer.

The fact that this type of male baldness (pattern baldness) is accompanied by higher levels of androgen suggests that these male hormones may provide a link between frontal and crown balding with aggressive prostate cancer, but more research is required to confirm this.

During this study, the researchers asked a group of almost 40,000 men between 55 and 74 years of age to record their hair-loss patterns at age 45 using a series of photos. Over the next several years, just over 1,100 participants were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and just over half of these cancers were labeled as aggressive or quickly-growing. Your Miami urologist reports that on average, prostate cancer was detected at age 72.

Previous research connecting baldness and prostate cancer has proven to be inconclusive, but this larger study suggests a considerable connection between high-risk prostate cancer and hair loss, suggesting that men with hair loss may need to be observed more closely. More evidence is needed before urologists can routinely recommend baldness in prostate cancer screening.

If you would like more information regarding prostate cancer and your risk of getting the disease, contact the office of best Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez today to schedule a consultation.