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Improved MRI of Prostate?

MRI Technique for Prostate

According to Miami urologist Dr. George Suarez, a research team has developed an improved MRI procedure with the potential to deliver more precise and effective information for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The imaging technique enhances the standard MRI in order to obtain clearer images of the tumor and pinpoint its precise location. This image can provide more accurate biopsies, allow better treatment preparation, and help Miami urologists isolate the tumor while sparing the adjacent healthy tissue.

The study brings to light a critical men’s health issue, given that prostate cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer in men, second only to skin cancer.

Your Miami urologist explains that current imaging of prostate cancer is performed with contrast-enhanced MRI. Unfortunately, some tumors fail to show a noticeable difference from adjacent healthy tissue due to lack of acceptance of the different agent.

The method of diffusion MRI improves on standard MRI, but magnetic field objects often distort the location of the tumor. RSI-MRI modifies this distortion, thereby improving the accurateness of MRI to pinpoint tumors.

The work includes a trial clinical investigation in which RSI-MRI was compared with standard MRI in nine patients suffering from prostate cancer. The RSI-MRI technique effectively identified extraprostatic extension (EPE) in eight of the nine patients, while the standard MRI procedure identified only two of the nine patients as having EPE.

Your Miami urologist feels that this is noteworthy because EPE indicates that the tumor has grown past the edge of the prostate into adjacent tissue – a condition that signals a more severe form of the disease, requiring more aggressive treatment.

Although further testing on a larger group of patients is required, this result indicates that the RSI-MRI may provide a valuable clinical imaging tool that can distinguish patients with less severe disease, thus saving them from unnecessary treatment.

On the other hand, the ability to identify EPE will allow for more suitable treatment plans for patients suffering from more aggressive forms of cancer. And in cases where surgery is justified, the accurate RSI-MRI image will direct a more discerning surgery to completely remove the tumor while sparing adjacent healthy tissues. This is important for helping patients with sexual function and urinary control post-surgery.

If you are interested in learning more about MRI of prostate Miami residents trust the expert care provided by best Miami urologist and HIFU medical expert Dr. George Suarez. Call our office today to schedule a confidential consultation.