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How to Find a Urologist

Finding a new doctor can be an exercise in frustration and worry. You make many phone calls and speak to answering machines and leave numerous messages, most of which are unreturned. There are better, more efficient ways to find a urologist, beginning with these steps:

Urologist in Miami

  1. Talk to the patient’s primary care physician or nurse. The practice may have a urologist they routinely refer to, or can make suggestions on several they are familiar with.
  2. Talk to friends who may have had a similar need. Who did they see and what was their experience?
    If covered by insurance, consult the insurance company through their customer call line, nurse hotline, or published guide to covered physicians in that geographical area.
  3. Do a computer search for urologists in that geographical area. Some practices are online and will take email messages, which is less frustrating than leaving phone messages.

When the above suggestions fail, try those phone calls again, only this time leave a message for the “practice manager” or “referral coordinator.” These staff are routinely involved in placing and fielding calls from patients and providers and are more likely to respond to your phone calls.

Typically, your attending physician is aware of your problem and needs, and will be your best referral source and ally in the medical community. Be aware that some insurance companies require a referral from your attending physician and will only pay your covered benefit if the urologist is in their network. This does not mean you cannot see a doctor outside of the network, only that they might pay at a reduced rate, if at all. Before contacting a new physician, it is best to check on your medical insurance status with that doctor.

Looking for Miami urology is a matter of evaluation only you can make after you have been seen and treated. After all, it is your opinion that matters most of all.