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How HIFU Is Better Than Traditional Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a scary diagnosis; fortunately, many men are able to be treated successfully, especially if the cancer is only in the prostate. Surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy may be used in the treatment, but many of these treatments have negative side effects. That’s why HIFU for prostate cancer is an attractive option for many men. HIFU is a viable treatment option for those whose cancer is localized to the prostate gland, and for men whose likelihood of recurrence is low. If you think this is a possibility for you, here are the benefits of HIFU prostate cancer treatment.

 HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment


Many other treatments for prostate cancer are very invasive, especially surgery, which can not only cause numerous problems like impotence, hernia, and urine leakage, but as with any surgery, there are risks associated with the incision itself. HIFU is high intensity focused ultrasound, which means a beam is delivered directly to the cancerous cells without an incision. There’s no recovery time as with surgery and none of the life-altering side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.


HIFU uses an endorectal probe, so the procedure is done under anesthesia. This, of course, makes the actual procedure itself painless, but even the recovery is almost pain-free. There is mild discomfort, which fades away very quickly, within a few days. There is no trauma to the muscle or tissue, so the healing process is much quicker and easier than with other treatments.

Better Quality of Life

Surgery is not only invasive, but can greatly impact quality of life when side effects like loss of bladder control and impotency occur. HIFU can target extremely small malignant tumors and still preserve healthy prostate tissue. In addition, there is better quality of life throughout the treatments because patients don’t deal with energy loss, nausea, hair loss, or incision pain that’s common with other typical prostate cancer treatments.

No Hospitalization

If you’re like most people, spending a lot of time in the hospital is less than appealing. HIFU treatments are outpatient procedures with many patients only remaining in the clinic for a couple hours. Generally, the longest stay is 4 hours. The procedure is usually done in a surgical center rather than in a hospital.

Finding the Right HIFU Urologist

Like anything, the practice of medicine is most dependent on the skills of the physician. This is particularly true when operating a HIFU device. it is simply “operator dependent, much like a pilot flying a jet, ” stated Dr. Suarez. As the founder of Sonocare Medical, Dr. George Suarez has performed over three thousand HIFU procedures in the past 15 years. One may inquire, how can that be if HIFU only recently approved by FDA in October, 2015? We asked Dr. Suarez, and he explained that while he was the clinical director for the trials in the united states, he was performing it in Canada and Caribbean countries that were under the jurisdiction of the European community’s agency equivalent to the FDA. “It involved 11 years of traveling to these countries almost every weekend and to the FDA sites in the U.S. during the week,” commented Dr. Suarez. “However, since the FDA’s approval, travel is now reserve for vacations,” he stated.

Who is the typical HIFA patient? “they are men who are as concerned about preserving the quality of life, sexual and urinary function as they are about a cure,” concluded Suarez.

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