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HIFU and Its Use in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Roughly one man out of seven will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. Obviously, one of the most effective factors in the treatment of prostate cancer is early detection and treatment. All men should begin receiving regular screenings at the age of 50. For African American men, that should instead be starting at the age of 40. For people with a family history of prostate cancer, 40 is also the recommended age. Early detection is key in identifying prostate cancer, so that diagnosis and treatment can begin as quickly and be as effective as possible. As with all forms of cancer, detection and treatment are both critical.


The Treatment

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a relatively new treatment available for prostate cancer and other forms of cancer. HIFU was approved by the FDA for use in the united states October 2015. HIFU can be used for any man who has localized prostate cancer, or recurrence after radiation or cryoablation. A probe is inserted per rectum in order to reach the prostate. The ultrasound targets a specific area (the focal point), where it heats the tissue. This heat destroys the targeted tissue. This also stops the blood supply to the focused area. With the blood supply stopped, surviving tissue will begin to die. This controlled process avoids damage to surrounding tissue. By avoiding damage to surrounding areas, the procedure can minimize post-surgery difficulties and side effects or collateral damage.

The Benefits

Many people are worried about side effects when it comes to prostate cancer treatments. HIFU has only a 2% chance of erectile dysfunction, and it has only a 0.4% chance of urinary incontinence. Those are impressively low numbers. Additionally, it’s a fast and painless procedure. If you go in for treatment in the morning, you should be out by lunch. If you go in for treatment around lunchtime, you should out by dinner. It’s an outpatient procedure, and recovery is very fast. With a painless, effective, quick procedure, it’s little wonder that HIFU has been getting a lot of attention, and it’s becoming more available every year. As always, you should consult your doctor to see if HIFU prostate treatment is right for you. HIFU is one of the most innovative and effective technologies currently available for treatment. Many people prefer HIFU because it’s non-invasive, non-ionizing, and it has fewer post-surgery complications than other options.

HIFU is a true revolutionary treatment for treating prostate cancer. It is a game changer.