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Why HIFU Is Good for Prostate Cancer Treatment

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, the treatment options can seem daunting. While many methods of prostate cancer treatment are quite invasive, there’s actually a completely non-invasive treatment called HIFU treatment that you need to know about. Here’s what you need to know about HIFU for prostate cancer treatment.

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HIFU Basics

HIFU is an acronym for high intensity focused ultrasound. HIFU treatments use the sound waves from ultrasound to direct the energy at cancerous tissue. The energy heats and destroys the cancerous cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. No surgery is required for this treatment because the ultrasound beam is delivered via a probe after the patient is given anesthesia. Since this treatment targets the prostate tissue specifically and directly using real time 3D imaging, it’s much less likely that life-altering side effects common with other typical prostate cancer treatments will occur.

HIFU Candidates

The best candidates for HIFU treatments are those whose prostate cancer is localized. However, it is still possible to treat locally advanced prostate cancer with HIFU. It’s also good for those with localized cancer who want to avoid more invasive treatments like radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. In some cases, HIFU is used for patients with recurrent prostate cancer who have already undergone radiation.

HIFU Benefits

There are numerous benefits of HIFU treatments that make it a good choice for many. Here are a few of the major benefits to think about.

  • No Surgery – HIFU is not a surgery, so there is absolutely no incision made. This alone is a benefit for many because infection is a real risk with any surgery. There is general anesthesia given so that you’ll experience no discomfort during the treatment.
  • Quick Procedure – HIFU treatments are usually done in a surgical center rather than in the hospital. But wherever the treatment is done, it’s almost always an outpatient procedure so that you can go home the same day. The actual treatment only takes a couple hours.
  • Quick Recovery – Recovery time is also short. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities in a couple weeks, which is much shorter than recovery time from surgery.
  • Few or No Side Effects – There is much less risk of damage to surrounding tissues, urinary incontinence, and erectile dysfunction with HIFU treatments.