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How to Find a Good Urologist

Finding a good urologist is important to the health and functioning of your urinary tract. If you’re fighting a urinary tract disease, disorder, or condition, particularly when it comes to prostate cancer and your doctor has recommended you see a urologist, here are 8 things that will help you ensure you find the best one.


Get Referrals

Your primary care physician probably has a referral list that they can help you with. However, you can also ask family and friends who you know have seen urologists as well. Make sure that you are researching the physician, even if the referral comes from a highly trusted source.

Look at Credentials

When looking for a urologist, the first thing you will be looking for is board certification. Board certified physicians have gone through specific training, skills and have sufficient experience providing relevant care. You can also find out easily whether the doctor has had any malpractice claims or gone through disciplinary actions.

Think about Experience

It’s not just important that your urologist has a lot of experience practicing urology. If you need a particular procedure, you need to ask them about their experience with that treatment or procedure specifically. It is okay and encouraged that you ask about their complication rates with that particular treatment or procedure you need. Specially, if you have been diagnosed with a specific condition.

Gender Might Matter

To some people, the gender of their physician doesn’t matter. For others, it does. On the other hand, some urologists treat primarily male- or female-related urology conditions. Consider whether gender is an important factor for you when choosing a physician. Perhaps consult with some different physicians to determine whether this matters to you.

Finding a urologist in Miami who you can trust doesn’t have to be difficult. By keeping these 8 considerations in your mind when you’re making phone calls and paying visits to different Miami urology clinics, you will be able to find the best urologist in Miami, whose opinion you trust and who will give you the best care possible.