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Why Doctors Recommend HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Cancer is a word that no patient ever wants to hear. However, new treatments are constantly being developed. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a new treatment for prostate cancer that is in various stages of development globally. Although HIFU isn’t offered at all hospitals, your doctor may be able to schedule you for HIFU treatments as part of clinical trials or in an ambulatory center, as it is an outpatient procedure that allows patient to have an immediate same day recovery. But why do doctors recommend HIFU treatment for prostate cancer? What are the benefits, and why should you ask your doctor about HIFU treatment? Continue reading to learn more.


Speed and Recovery

Whole HIFU treatment can take up to two to three hours, but focal treatment takes only 1-2 hours. patients are often given a general anesthetic and can return home after that has worn off. Usually, the patient will return home the same day. HIFU is considered a relatively a medical treatment and not even an operation, and it also boasts a speedy same day recovery. Typically, the largest inconvenience is that you may be sent home with a catheter for up to a week. As an outpatient procedure, the HIFU treatment is both faster and more convenient than many other treatment options.

Targeted and Thorough

HIFU uses high frequency sound waves, which are focused at an area of cancer cells. The sound waves are able to generate heat, and the heat is what damages the cancer cells. Whole prostate HIFU affects the entirety of the area, whereas focal HIFU will only target specific areas. But most importantly, there is no scatter or propagate beyond the targeted intended treatment site.

HIFU has also been used to treat other cancers, as well as certain neurological conditions and uterine fibroids. HIFU is a promising treatment, which has already shown a multitude of applications in medicine. Further research and development will likely expand HIFU, but it has already been shown to be effective in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer treatment with HIFU is a still-developing treatment option. HIFU isn’t available in all areas and at all hospitals, but the results are encouraging and exciting. Be sure to consult your doctor and ask if HIFU might be right for you. Each patient and case is different, so while many doctors do recommend HIFU, it may not be right for you and your particular care plan. Dr. George Suarez, is the founder of Sonacare medical and served as medical director for the company’s FDA clinical trial and approval. he is considered the world’s imminent expert on HIFU for prostate cancer. For additional information, visit: www.hifumedical expert.com