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How Regular Urologist Visits Can Save You from Prostate Cancer

It’s common knowledge that early detection of cancer provides the best chance for treatments to be successful so that life expectancy can be increased. However, many men avoid urologists in Miami because they’re concerned about a prostate exam, even though they know early detection is key. But regularly visiting your Miami urologist is important if you hope… read more »

Testicular Cancer Video

Ulcerative Colitis Video

How to Find a Urologist

Finding a new doctor can be an exercise in frustration and worry. You make many phone calls and speak to answering machines and leave numerous messages, most of which are unreturned. There are better, more efficient ways to find a urologist, beginning with these steps: Talk to the patient’s primary care physician or nurse. The… read more »

How HIFU Prostate Cancer Treatment Works

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you know that some of the options for treatments can be quite invasive. Fortunately, there is a treatment called high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy that can help you avoid some of the more invasive treatments and still be effective at treating the cancer. Here’s what you need… read more »

MR Imaging – Guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

We’ve been performing MRI-guided biopsy for several years, way before it became popular. It should be the gold standard of all urologists treating prostate cancer. If your urologist is not familiar with it or does not have the equipment to perform it, you may want to seek out one that does. ​HIFU clinical trials have… read more »

3 Need-to-Know Facts about Urology

Urologists in Miami treat numerous conditions, ranging from kidney stones to sexual disorders and even cancer. Urology is a field of medicine that most people know little about, but urologists treat millions of patients a year and not only improve quality of life, but save lives as well. Here are 3 things you should know… read more »

How HIFU Is Better Than Traditional Cancer Treatment

Prostate cancer is a scary diagnosis; fortunately, many men are able to be treated successfully, especially if the cancer is only in the prostate. Surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy may be used in the treatment, but many of these treatments have negative side effects. That’s why HIFU for prostate cancer is an attractive option… read more »

The Future of Prostate Cancer Treatment is Now

Side Effects of Hormone Therapy

Most men that have failed radiation therapy are almost indistinctly and immediately placed on hormone therapy. However, very few men are even remotely aware of the many side-effects of hormone therapy. Nor do their doctors tell them about this. Which is one on the recommendations by the FDA: “All patients placed on hormone therapy for… read more »