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5 Yoga Poses to Combat Prostate Cancer

Dealing with chronic pain from prostate cancer can be frustrating on a number of different levels. With prostate cancer being the second most common cancer in men, prostate cancer treatment options are a primary focus of the urology medical community. Everything from advanced technological practices like High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds (HIFU) to more natural approaches, like meditation… read more »

Best Exercises to Help Lower Risk of Developing Prostate Cancer

Exercise has numerous benefits. However, no matter how good it makes you feel and look, a lot of men still aren’t in the habit of getting regular exercise. Perhaps it would help if they knew that you can actually reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer if you maintain a regular workout schedule. In addition… read more »

How Immunotherapy Works for Prostate Cancer

An estimated one in seven men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime. It’s the second most common cancer in men, usually developing after age 50, with the average age being 66. Prostate cancer is treatable, having the best results when it’s detected early in the first stages. There are several clinical trials experimenting with… read more »

Prostate Cancer and Osteoporosis: Any Connection?

Next to skin cancer, prostate cancer is reportedly the most common type of cancer affecting men. However, this type of cancers takes time to develop, and men diagnosed with it can live for long – but it can still get serious and even life-threatening. Though all men stand the risk of getting prostate cancer, it… read more »

The Significance of Prostate Cancer Screening

When it comes to your health, time is very precious. A cancer screening is designed to find indications of cancer before it causes any obvious symptoms. By the time prostate cancer becomes symptomatic, it may have already progressed to a later stage. The longer cancer goes undiagnosed and untreated, the more difficult it is to… read more »

Everything You Need to Know about Prostate-Specific Antigen Test

If you’ve been having trouble urinating or controlling your bowel movements, you may want to get screened for prostate cancer. Learning what causes prostate cancer can help you avoid this potentially life-threatening disease, as does taking the time to be screened regularly. Learn how a prostate-specific antigen test can help determine whether or not you’re… read more »

How Radiation Therapy Works for Prostate Cancer

Understanding your prostate cancer treatment is almost as important as discovering you have prostate cancer. You cannot defeat the monster without knowing about it, but understanding how you will defeat it is equally as important. At the least, understanding what you will go through can help you prepare to avoid complications, like side effects of… read more »

How Turmeric Can Combat Prostate Cancer and Inflammation

Turmeric is a popular spice used in many different types of cuisine, but did you know it can also help to reduce inflammation and even treat prostate cancer? Turmeric can provide some necessary relief for those suffering from this condition. Though, you should, of course, consult your doctor before deciding to incorporate turmeric into your… read more »

Role of Prostate Screening in Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Approximately 1 in 7 men will develop prostate cancer. Over 160,000 new cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed every year. Screening for prostate cancer symptoms can help detect and treat this condition sooner. Keep reading to learn more from the medical professional at the Prostate Cancer Institute. The Role of Prostate Screening Just like an… read more »

Top Effective Treatments Available to Cure Prostate Cancer

When you or your loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you want to know what your prostate cancer treatment options are, and what top effective treatments are available to cure your prostate cancer. With advances in modern medicine, stopping the spread of prostate cancer is not only possible but very successful. While there… read more »

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